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It takes a village to raise a child.


Family Fun Day in Parakai

Kindred Family Services invites parents and whānau to come and enjoy time with their children. There'll be lots of games, activities, food and performances. You'll also learn about other local agencies and community groups here to support you and your family to flourish.

Celebrate Tamariki this Month at Your Local Children’s Day Event

Putting children first is nothing new at Parent Village, so we are really pleased to be celebrating Children’s Day, a time for recognizing how sacred and beautiful all tamariki are.

How to Prevent a Break-up After Baby

why do nearly a third of all relationships fail within the first year of having baby, and how can parents give themselves the best chance of surviving the first year?

Just a Thought: A great new tool for tackling worry and stress

If your looking to inject a bit of extra wellness into your ‘me time’, Just a Thought has got you covered.

Coping with Lockdown; Tips from a Health Psychologist

we are all having to navigate unfamiliar terrain, Here are some evidence-based tips to help make the journey a little smoother...

Surviving Covid-19 as a Family

Social distancing and isolation are separating families from traditional support networks

Child Friendly Accommodation

Child friendly accommodation.. So you can relax on this years summer Holiday.

How to shake off anger, depression, anxiety, or resentment, and get back to enjoying your family

We all get taken by a sour mood from time to time. It’s part of being human (and a big part of being a parent!). Here are 5 tips for shaking off anger, depression, anxiety, or resentment, and getting back to enjoying your family.

It's OK to Ask for Help

I often felt like there were happy families all around me, and I was the only one struggling. So I did what i thought was right, and put on a brave face.B

Iconic Dads Like You and Me, with Sir Graham Lowe

"I still need and miss him every day, just to be my dad"