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It takes a village to raise a child.


Why I Love Being a Grandmother

It is evident in the caring gestures, little hands helping me up off the floor, running and getting my glasses, complimenting me on my piano playing, my new shoes, my finger nail polish…

Top 5 Family Activities in Muriwai Beach (local knowledge)

Muriwai Beach was a great place to grow up. There was plenty of trees to climb, caves to explore, sand to dig-in, and no shortage of playmates. Recently we moved back to Muriwai to raise our young family. It has changed a lot over the years, and the city feels a lot closer now, but there’s still plenty of great adventures to be had.

Kindred Family Services: Wide Ranging Support For Families in Rodney

Kindred Family Services are dedicated to helping people overcome life's challenges and live the life they choose. They offer flexible and wide ranging support to families in the west Rodney area.

Bullying at Kindergarten

We think it’s helpful and fun to practice setting healthy boundaries with your pre-schooler, so they don’t feel as helpless. A firm ‘stop!, I don’t like that’, for example, can empower your child to stand-up to bullies in a constructive way.

How to Find Family and Community Support Services Near Me

In a healthy community, the wider network of friends and whānau nurture and support the new family in their journey, but many families in New Zealand today just don't have those strong community connections that were so common a generation or two ago.

The Importance of Skin-to-Skin with Dad

For many new dads, getting your shirt off in hospital in front of the midwife, mother in-law, couple of nurses, and maybe some other sightseers is pretty awkward, but don’t let that put you off!

5 Things Every New Parent Should Know

Never before have I needed to vent as much frustration, shock, and wonder as when I was a new parent.

Big Family Day Out

A celebration of the start of summer, with loads of fun rides and activities for the kids, and music for the adults. Kids and adults can enjoy the swimming pool, and their will be a magic show, bouncy castle, pony rides, and much more.

Is My Child Autistic?

Knowing what autism is and how it can affect children is a good first step to dispel fears or validate concerns.

Is My Child Gifted?

As parents, we know better than anyone what makes our children special.