Earth Friendly Cocoons

Beautiful unique cocoons for biodegradable burial of your Placenta
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Earth Friendly Cocoons create and design beautiful unique cocoons for biodegradable burial of your placenta or cremated ashes of a loved one. They also make special baby cocoons for angel babies. Janine, owner of Earth Friendly Cocoons, is also a Birth Educator, Artist and Mum... it is important to her to create beautiful things and be creative everyday. Handcrafting these cocoons and being able to give families something unique, something that has been made with love and compassion is special. Many families are embracing this beautiful world wide tradition. It is part of many cultures around the world - burying the placenta and then planting a tree on top - it’s a link; the past, the present and the future. Each Cocoon comes with a biodegradable bag, a white plastic bag for safe travel home (removable before burial), guidelines, and a lovely Poem that you may like to read when burying your Placenta. Contact her today with your requirements : We recommend you purchase soon, so it's on hand when your baby is born, as your placenta will only last about 2-3 days before it needs to be buried.

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