Meet Nearby Families

Opportunities to meet local families

What our members say
“When I grew up we played at the local creek and never wore shoes. That’s want I want for my kids"

Julie, Auckland Mum

“This is the connection that every parent wants. You want to know that your not alone”

Skya, Kumeu Mum

“Every parent is just winging it really. It’s nice to be honest about how much I don’t know”

Rob, Muriwai Dad

Village Meet

Get to know other members at a Village Meet.

Mutual support

Opportunities to give and receive support in your community..

Discussion Forum

Honest conversations about the joys and challenges of parenting.

Be in the know

Find trusted local services, activities, and events.

What should I expect?

Browse parenting news and updates on the 'Village Feed', send private messages to village members, join or suggest a 'Village Meet' and start connecting with a local parent on the 'Members Only Forum'. No, matter what stage you are at, you can contribute something to the community. You simply need to provide a local address to join.

Register to get started, it’s free for local families

After you register you can find the Village that is closest to you, have a look around, then get involved when you feel comfortable