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19 Oct 2020

Why I Love Being a Grandmother

Heartwarming Poems . Written by Helen Aish; relationship counselor, grandmother

So much to love… being a grandmother is to love being a grandmother surely. 

What immediately comes to mind is the permission to be silly.  I am making full opportunity of this right now. It may not last a lot longer as my two are already 4 and 5 (gasp!). 

My silliness is related to taking on assigned roles as we endlessly act out the magical story of the moment…  Being a witch, a dragon, or a monster, such wonderful opportunities to vent outrageously with no judgement.

I am a child again… our world is magical, anything is possible.  Whatever is at hand assumes vital importance as a magical staff, key, wand, spear, or some other prop.  My constrained adult world is left behind as I am privileged to enter this imaginative kingdom and play!

Right up there too is unconditional love, both receiving and giving.  What pleasure to see a face light up and a voice call ‘nan!’ My heart melts every time.  It is evident in the caring gestures, little hands helping me up off the floor, running and getting my glasses, complimenting me on my piano playing, my new shoes, my finger nail polish… oh the joy.


Author: Helen Aish is a Counsellor and Play Therapist, specializing in mediation and family relationships. She is also a proud Grandmother.