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20 Jul 2020

What Will My Child Look Like?

Information and Advice . Written by Parent Village

Curious to know what your child will look like? While humans are getting pretty good at understanding genetics, there’s no crystal ball yet! All we know for sure is that 50% of your child’s DNA will come from mum, and 50% will come from dad. How that 50% gets distributed is anyone’s guess.


Here is a brief overview of some of the better understood aspects of hereditary characteristics.


What colour eyes will my child have?

Babies are mostly born with bluish eyes, and their true colour slowly comes through over the next 6 months. The chances that they will have blue, green, or brown eyes will depend on what colour eyes the parents have, and it’s actually a pretty straightforward calculation. For example, If both parents have brown eyes there is a 75% chance baby will have brown eyes. Whereas, if both parents have blue eyes, there is a 99% chance baby will have blue eyes. This is because brown eyes are dominant, and so parents with brown eyes may carry recessive genes for blue or green eyes lurking beneath the surface.

If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry! The kind people at mom junction have created an awesome eye colour calculator to do the maths for us. Just enter the colour of mum and dads eyes, and see what colour eyes your baby is likely to have.  


What colour hair will my child have?

Hair colour is determined by similar genes to eye colour, and follows a similar logic. The darker the hair colour, the more dominant the gene, meaning that parents with black hair will typically have children with black hair. Parents with brown hair, may have a recessive blond allele (gene determining colour), and so can have a blond child, although brown would be more likely. The wildcard is red hair, which follows a different logic. The red allele will blend with whatever allele it receives from the other parent... hence ‘strawberry blond’ (blond + red) and ‘auburn’ (brown + red). To be truly, undeniably, magnificently ‘red’, both parents must have red hair.

To find out what colour your child is likely to have, check out this awesome hair colour calculator by predict'hair.


How tall will my child be?

Hight is determined by far more factors, both genetic and environmental, than hair colour and eye colour. So determining height is largely guesswork. However, there are some handy equations which can make for ‘educated’ guesswork at the very least. Essentially you measure mum and dad, take the average, then add about 6.5cm to that average for boys, or take 6.5cm off that average for girls.

For some other clever hight predictor tools, check out


Other Physical Characteristics

There are many physical characteristics other than hair colour, eye colour, and height. Chances are, your children will look a lot like you, and a lot like your partner There’s no reliable way of predicting which characteristics they will get from which parent.

The truth of the matter is, your child will be unique and beautiful just the way they are, and you’ll soon forget about wondering what they will look as they grow into their own little people.

If your still curious, here’s a fun and cheeky online tool that produces an image based on you and your partners facial features.



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