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14 Jan 2021

What Dads Want for Fathers Day, Christmas, or their upcoming Birthday

In general, dad’s are pretty uncomplicated... so uncomplicated that when they say "I have everything I need", they actually mean it. However, you can still surprise them with a gift they'll appreciate. Here is my advice for buying a gift your husband, male partner, or dad will appreciate.


Most dads like gadgets

If you think gadgets are a pointless waste of money, you’re probably not a dad. While most dads won’t go out and buy the latest gadget, they will be totally stoked to have it. Find a gadget that matches dads interests, and as long as it’s got a few interesting bits and bobs, then dad will love it.


Most dads like grooming (sometimes)

You might be surprised to know that your husband (or dad), would actually appreciate a moustache grooming kit or beard trimmer. Just because you haven’t seen him groomed since the wedding, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t like a tidy row of dadly grooming products on his side of the bathroom cabinet.

Most dads can read

Yes, it’s true... many dads can read, and most dads will have a subject they can’t read enough of (if they had more time). Books on car engines, swell formation, artificial intelligence and black holes might seem ridiculously boring to you, but will be the joy of many an afternoon for the right dad.


All dads love something

Whether it’s racing, fishing, biking, surfing, gaming, brewing or even knitting, all dads love something, and all dads will have a secret wish list of what they would like to add to their equipment. They probably won't make it easy for you, so you might need to just get something snazzy from a reputable store, with the trusty old gift exchange card (and don’t be offended if he actually uses it, dad's love browsing trusty retailer of specialized equipment).



Author: Rowan Aish is co-founder of Parent Village, father, surfer, and family support worker.