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15 Feb 2021

Surviving Covid-19 as a Family

Mental health and wellbeing . Written by Parent Village

We know that children thrive in stable, loving, and predictable environments, yet families all over the world are being forced to adjust to rapid changes and increasing uncertainty. Social distancing and isolation are separating families from traditional support networks, and many families are doubly burdened by mounting financial pressure.

Here are four simple guidelines to promoting familial stability in unstable times.


1. Be kind and listen

Not everyone will agree on the best way to respond to COVID-19 and every member of your family is affected differently. Yet, everyone’s experience is valid and important. So be kind to each other, state your concerns, listen, and be willing to compromise.


2. Connect online

We are fortunate to live in a world where almost everyone is connected through social media. Village Kiwi and other social connection platforms provide the opportunity to participate in community life without risking the spread of infection. Choose online communities in which you gain a sense of belonging, acceptance, and companionship.


3. Connect in person

Nothing is more important to your child’s healthy development than connecting with mum and/or dad, and the current social restrictions are a perfect opportunity for family households to spend more face-time with each other.


4. Build memories

How we face the challenge of COVID-19 will survive in the memories and emotional wellbeing of our children.


Author: Rowan Aish, co-founder of Parent Village, Mental Health and Family Support Worker, Surfer