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10 Jul 2019

Reconnect These School Holidays

Blog . Written by Parent Village

The school holidays are here, and you've made it through week one ... so take a deep breath mama, you’ve got this.
Now is a time for the family to rest and regather. Put the routines on hold and use this time to reconnect with the family. Whether you’re a mum, dad, grandparent or caregiver, let’s spend some quality time with our children these holidays engaging in meaningful reconnection and play. A list of school holiday activities is good, but connecting with the family during activities is even better. 
Here is a list of our 10 favourite ways to reconnect with children in the school holidays, whether you're at home or visiting our favourite children's spots in Auckland. 
1. Visit the library     Cost: free

Plan a few hours at your local Auckland library, where librarians are running daily free school holiday activities to help kids learn new skills, develop initiative and test their creativity. Activities range from mask making, ‘up-cycling’, and learning about gravity. The children’s sections can provide a cosy environment for kids to feel at home in over the winter break, with my kids particularly enjoying curling up on a bean bag with me to read a few books from the shelf.
Going an hour before activities start, will allow for some quality time with our kids where they can choose a few of their own books to take home for the rest of the holidays. If the weather is fine, why not take them for a picnic at a nearby park afterwards?
2. Sky City Snow Globe     Cost:free

Have your kids been to the snow? Sky City’s Snow Globe is an incredible, free experience where kids can revel in the thrill of snow falling, sit on the icy throne, meet the Snow Queen, and create memories which will last a lifetime. The Snow globe is the perfect activity to take younger siblings along to also, just don’t forget your camera! 

3. Daily Art Classes at the Museum
Cost: Museum entry free for Auckland residents, Classes $10 (6-15yrs) 

The museum is the perfect place to let our children take the lead. Learn more about what your child is interested in, It may even surprise you how much they know about some topics. Whether it’s dinosaurs, volcanoes or insects, the museum is a great place to discover more… about your child. Daily school holiday art classes currently running to allow kids to create a Matariki diorama should they choose to.
4. Aotea Square Ice Rink     Cost: Ranges from $9.50 - $22.00

These school holidays, children can experience the magic of their own winter playground. Get your skates on with your kids, and practice your ice skating moves together. If you’re having fun, your kids will too, even if it means a few minor falls along the way! There are a variety of special events being held, from themed parties to lessons. This is parent child fun you won’t want to miss! 


5. Motat’s Science Road Show     Cost: Family pass $48.00 

Motat is a great full day experience for any curious child. With over 60 hands-on displays and exhibits, an impressive display of enormous aeroplanes, and a fabulous tram ride, Motat will keep the whole family busy for hours. Take the time to engage with your kids about the displays they are interested in, ask questions, and follow their lead when it is time to move to the next exhibit. It’s fascinating to see which exhibits capture their attention the most. In addition, two live shows are running each day of the school holidays. 

6. Skim Stones,Collect Shells, and Hunt for Treasure

Cost: Free. 

As simple as it sounds, these are three tried and tested activities which are perfect for connecting with kids on a wintery day outside. Grab a basket for collecting your treasures, and put on the coats and gumboots. You can use Parent Village’s directory search to find for the closest parks, lakes or beaches in your area, and you may be surprised to find some local spots you’ve never known about. By making an effort to explore and engage with your kids outside you are encouraging them to ditch the screens and want to connect with you again in this way. 
7. Winter Hot Chocolate and Toasted Marshmallows    

Cost: Free (except for the food). 

For those of you that have a home fire, winter is the perfect time to make hot chocolates, and gather around together on a cold day or evening. If the kids are allowed marshmallows, toasting some on the fire can be a favourite family past time. Alternatives to marshmallows include banana and melted chocolate, and slices of peach. If you do this in the evening, the kids will love using a torch and listening to a few spooky campfire stories. 
8.  Activities at the Auckland Botanic Gardens      Cost: Mostly free

The Auckland Botanic Gardens are a great place to visit with children at all times of the year (they even provide kids with discovery activity sheets), but these school holidays the Auckland Botanic Gardens are holding both bookable and drop-in activities, which are definitely worth checking out. Activities will have your kids engaging with nature, and exploring their creative sides. These well thought out and age appropriate events range from designing a tree-house, to garden weaving, and making a take-home fishing game. They're perfect for engaging with you kids later too - think an evening of board games, or an afternoon of weaving. Making an effort to engage with your kids about something they have just learned, can really help them to feel connected.
9. Whoah Studios, Henderson     
Cost: Many events are free with Park passes. Family pricing options available. 

The playground is like nothing you have seen before and the shows are a whole new level of spectacular. This is a place that both you and the children will thoroughly enjoy. With an onsite restaurant which flows out to an extensive play area, Whoah Studios is the perfect balance between a child’s fantasy land, and an upmarket dining experience! An incredible place to treat the family these holidays. Events range from a giant scale puppet show (2-8yrs), live children’s concerts, and interactive problem solving sessions suitable for older children. The whole family will enjoy visiting, and will be an occasion talked about for the rest of the year. 
10. A New Take on Baking      Cost: free (except for the food).

Baking with young kids can be challenging, unless you let them lead the way! The perfect way to get kids enjoying their time in the kitchen, is to let them feel comfortable enough to explore. This leads to proud children, and growing baking capabilities. For example, setting up a cake tin, and a range of ingredients, spoons and spatulas, on a picnic mat on the floor of the kitchen creates an inviting space, where the mess is reasonably contained, and the picnic mat can be thrown in the wash at the end. Let the kids pour, let them feel the texture of the mixture, as the different ingredients cause the cake to change from thick and dry to smooth and sticky. Don’t worry if the cake doesn’t come out perfectly, the kids will be proud of what they make if you are!