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03 May 2021

New to NorthWest Rodney? Here's our guide to settling in to the area

Parent Village . Written by Parent Village

According to the research, moving house ranks just above 'major illness or injury' (and just below divorce) on the list of life’s most stressful events. So if your one of the many new families moving to the NorthWest Rodney area each year, heres our brief guide to help you settle in to community life as smoothly as possible.

Meet the locals

Two of the hardest things about moving to a different community are building new friendships, and finding people you can call on in a crisis. This is particularly true for families with young children, who probably don’t have enough time and energy to make the connections they so badly need.

Luckily, as one of New Zealand’s fasted growing regions, NorthWest Rodney is chock-a-block full of families who have ‘been there done that’, and there are some really great ways for connecting in with the locals:


1. Join Your Local Community Facebook Group

The community page is where pretty much everyone local hangs. Here you’ll find local events, local news, heaps of friendly advice, and probably a bit too much local gossip. We suggest you introduce yourself, and expect a warm welcome.

The biggest local groups are Muriwai/Waimauku, Kumeu/Taupaki/Huapai/Riverhead, and Helensville & Parakai respectively. There are also a bunch of community pages you can check out, but most of the action is in these larger groups.

2. Join a Village

A Village is a place where parents connect and support each other. We provide the tools for local parents to create safe, interesting, and fun communities, where you can connect online through the forum and village feed, or in person at a village meet or local event.

Each suburb has the above Village types. Choose the one that’s right for you.


3. Join your local playcentre or playgroup

There are playcentres in Waimauku, Helensville, and Kumeu, each with their own local flavour. This is a great place to get to know local mums while the kids explore with a fantastic range of toys and equipment. It’s a bit of mums club last time we checked, but more and more dads are getting into it.

Alternatively, there are some other great playgroups and kids activities, including the Muriwai Playgroup, plunket groups in Helensville, Kumeu, and Riverhead, and mainly music.


4. Access Local Family Support Services

Every family needs help from time to time, and if you’re new to the community you might not have the support of close family and friends. NorthWest Rodney has a wonderful range of support services designed to support families through times of hardship and crisis of all kinds.

If you could use some extra help but you’re not sure where to start, try Kindred Family Services. They have a team of dedicated social workers and support staff that would love to get know you and your family.


5. Join a club or other interest group

From book clubs to surf clubs, NorthWest Rodney has a fantastic range of interest groups to get involved with. These clubs rely on support from new members (like you) to keep striving and thriving, so you’ll find a welcoming bunch of likeminded mums and dads to get to know.

I’ve found the best way to find local clubs is to type your interest and location into google or facebook, and see what comes up.


What’s On in NorthWest Rodney

Local events are a great place to get involved in community life, and start making new connections.

Check out the Parent Village Events page regularly to stay connected with what’s on in NorthWest Rodney for families. Or browse our comprehensive range of services and activities for parents and their children.




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