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01 Apr 2021

I'll carry you in my arms..

Heartwarming Poems . Written by Miranda Brockliss, Co-founder of Parent Village

When the day has been long and your body is tired,

From the hours of running, jumping and climbing,

I will be there, as your gentle guide,

To carry you in my arms.


When your heart feels heavy from holding back tears,

And you've had a full day of facing your fears,

I will hold you close, until the clouds disappear,

I'll carry you in my arms.


When you laugh and you wave as i walk through the gate,

And you hold not one grudge, though i'm running late,

I realise today it was me who could not wait,

To carry you in my arms.


When your legs have grown long and your arms have grown strong,

And your heart is still searching for whom it belongs,

I will sit with you as it remembers its song,

And i'll carry you in my arms.


When my day has been long but my years too short,

As my tears get the best of me, and so do my thoughts,

I feel gentle hands show me the love they've been taught,

As you carry me in your arms.