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18 Mar 2021

Feeling Overwhelmed? Parent Aid North-West have got you covered

Services . Written by Parent Village

Parent Aid North-West provide free in-home support to parents of young children in the North-West Rodney area.


In my role as a support worker, I’m constantly reminded that every parent wants the very best for their children, and will do everything they can to give their children as good a start, or better, than they had themselves.

But it doesn’t matter how prepared you are, having a child is hard work and completely overwhelming at times (and that’s when everything else in life is going well!).

Throw in a traumatic birth, sleep deprivation, unemployment, depression, relationship breakdown, or any of the other challenges faced by ordinary kiwi’s every day, and being a parent can feel 'just too hard'.

Parent Aid is a team of caring women, who will check in with mum and/or dad and find out the most useful and supportive way that they can spend time in the home, and take the edge off parental stress.

Parent Aid can give mum a break, provide gentle guidance, or simply do the dishes and tidy up a bit. Whatever is most useful for supporting mum and/or dad to get on with the business of caring for themselves and their whānau.

Contact Parent Aid NorthWest if you are or someone you know would benefit from in-home support.


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