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09 Apr 2020

Dear Grandma... I Miss Your Hugs

Blog . Written by Parent Village

Dear Grandma… I miss your hugs


There’s something very special about a hug from you

The stillness and softness, the lovingness too

The bigness, the sweetness, the I-feel-so-neat-ness

Those are the hugs that really most miss


My daddy’s hugs are huge and often times wriggly,

And mummys are gentle and special and giggly,

But when mummys tired, and daddys all rushed,

I think of you grandma, and I miss your hugs.   


Why can’t you come over and play hand in hand?

Daddy says it’s a virus, but I don’t understand

Are you cozy and warm in your cozy, warm place?

Or do your cockles grow cold without me to chase?


I can still hear your voice and still see your smile,

when we sit by the screen and chat for while,

I usually love listening to the story’s you tell,

but lately grandma, I’ve been missing your smell


For inside of me is the best part of you

And inside of you is the best part of me too

And this part is a tree that grows bigger with love

And the biggest love of all, is grandma’s warm hug


Author: Rowan Aish, co-founder of Parent Village, Mental Health and Family Support Worker, Surfer