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21 Jan 2021

10 Things Kids Love: Simple ways for parents to connect with their kids

Family Time . Written by Parent Village

We thought it would be fun to start a list of fun and simple things that make children smile, that every New Zealand parent can do.



  1. Crank a dance song and get super silly.



  1. Pretend your struggling with something you know your kids are good at (like peeling an egg), and get them to show you how it’s done.



  1. Next time they are being naughty, instead of raising your voice, lower your voice and slow it right down. Even better if you can crouch down to their level.



  1. Focus on what they love about the sport or activity, not on how well they are doing it.



  1. Climb a tree together and act like its a super scary adventure.



  1. If you can feel a tantrum brewing, grab a couple of pillows and let her rip.



  1. Hide a sweet treat somewhere in her bedroom, and act completely surprised when she finds it.



  1. Hide a ‘talisman’ in the garden somewhere, and when they find it, explain that it has been lost for hundreds of years and has magical properties (pretend to look it up on your phone).



  1. Tell your child about a time you were bragging about them to someone else.



  1. Teach them how to play penuckle wars, then loose 15 games straight.


For more great ideas, I found this wonderful blog on, titled 30 Little Things That Mean a Lot to Kids”.



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