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It takes a village to raise a child

About Parent Village


Connecting you to your village. Browse family services and activities, discover nearby events, and connect with local families.

We are passionate about creating a warm, inclusive space for families to find and access the supports they need. Whanau can now browse, discover, and connect with family support services, parent-groups, children’s activities, and local child-friendly events - from anywhere in New Zealand.

Connect with nearby families,discover local services, and discover things to do with kids that will enrich your parenting journey, and bring fun into your family’s life.

As a social enterprise, Parent Village is committed to our vision of supporting children, parents and whanau to develop strong community connections. We help to ensure families in every part of New Zealand have immediate access to all of the family services and support networks which exist around them. Our goal is for every kiwi family to have the opportunity to foster a positive sense of identity and belonging within their community.

Because, it - still - takes a village to raise a child.

About Parent Village


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